Lucid Eye Add To Their Menagerie Of Monster Miniatures

December 11, 2020 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has released a bunch of new options for their Blades & Souls, Ziggurat and Elf King Red ranges. We start with the new creatures for Blades & Souls which would make interesting foes to face down in a dungeon.

Salamander - Lucid Eye

Salamander // Lucid Eye

This Salamander is a deadly looking creature which has no doubt crawled its way out of some lava field to burn its foes. I love how it features all the ridges which remind me of the actual animal and then it has been capped off by that more alien-looking head and arms. You could get away with painting this in a dark colour with plenty of glowing fire for good measure.

Higher up in the dungeon, or perhaps ranging across the roads of the land we also have this collection of Hobgoblin warriors.

Hobgoblins - Lucid Eye

Hobgoblins // Lucid Eye

This set of three angry-looking warriors are armed with some cruel and dangerous weapons as well as some battered shields. Hobgoblins tend to be the more martial and adept of individuals when it comes to "greenskins" so you could make these a more deadly encounter for your adventuring party.

We then move to the realm of the Ziggurat and the mythic Bronze Age that Lucid Eye has been working on. Here we have the Armata Immaculate.

Armata Immaculate - Lucid Eye

Armata Immaculate // Lucid Eye

This high priestess would be an excellent addition to something Conan-based I reckon thanks to the overall look. I reckon that she could either be on the side of good, helping out your adventuring group with her prayers or she is about to make a sacrifice upon some damned altar.

The Red Book Of The Elf King

As well as the miniatures above we also have individual releases for those playing the skirmish game of Elf King Red. Here we have High Captain Vachel...

High Captain Vachel - Lucid Eye

High Captain Vachel // Lucid Eye

...and Saylian The Mad who were previously available as part of a larger skirmishing force that you could use for the game.

Saylian The Mad - Lucid Eye

Saylian The Mad // Lucid Eye

These are some excellent looking Elves which really tick all the boxes for me. I love the spiteful and fae look to these individuals and I am always drawn back to this range and the games associated with them when I spot them online.

Are you liking these new releases from Lucid Eye?

"Are you liking these new releases from Lucid Eye?"

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