Lucid Eye Face Off Against Red Simians & Digital Demons

April 3, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been delving deeper into a few of their different collections recently and one of these expands on Beyond The Savage Core as they introduce The Red Simians as another foe for you to face on your adventures.

The Red Simians - Lucid Eye

This band of gruff (and yet strangely happy) apes will become part of The Curse Of The Red Simians expansion which is coming for Beyond The Savage Core. I think these would be exceptionally fun to paint, as all fur is. You just need some good base coats, a wash and then the most powerful of painting techniques...the dry brush!

As they've already released Temple Of The Golden Heart as one of their adventure modules I'm very excited to see what they do next.

Possessed Tech

As well as their work on Pulp worlds the team have also been developing more for The Plot Device range too. Here we have their very early work-in-progress sculpt for the Digital Demon.

Digital Demon WiP - Lucid Eye

I love the idea of mixing together elements of the Fantastical and the Sci-Fi. This is a concept which I've seen in American Gods as I've been watching it on Amazon (well worth checking it out by the way) and I think it's a neat idea to bring to the tabletop.

Which of the Lucid Eye properties would you like to see get an Adventure Module next?

Drop your thoughts below...

"I love the idea of mixing together elements of the Fantastical and the Sci-Fi..."

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