Lucid Eye’s Fantasy Root Elves Meet Their Hedge King

February 15, 2022 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been showing off loads of amazing new releases for their expanding Fantasy collection. The Root Elves range grows with some fantastic new characters for you to drop into your collection starting with the mighty Hedge King.

Root Elf Hedge King Khrovus - Lucid Eye

Hedge King, Khrovus // Lucid Eye

This fellow features plenty to love if you were a fan of the Wood Elves in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Khrovus is a mighty warrior who certainly needs to be painted in deep, natural colours alongside some flashing greens. This fellow needs a bright, glittering magical blade as well!

If you want an interesting spellcaster to add into the mix alongside Khrovus, how about the suspicious Lyrelea, The Mab?

Lyrelea The Mab - Lucid Eye

Lyrelea, The Mab // Lucid Eye

Some ace fae nods from this particular miniature. You could see her as a mighty elven sorcerer, mage or mystic that has found her way into the court of the Hedge King. I like the idea of her being on their side but with her own alternate motives. As it stands, this is a pretty hefty range for those who liked the Root Elves and wanted to turn them into a full army. You now have loads of new characters to choose from.

Another of the characters is this fellow, Exalt Phlox. I like the idea that he could be the champion of the Hedge King who gets sent to settle his disputes.

Root Elf Exalt Phlox - Lucid Eye

Exalt Phlox // Lucid Eye

He could even be a disgraced warrior who has been ousted from the court and is now finding his own way in the world. If you need the main character for a fun solo skirmish affair, this miniature would be a good option!

Finally, at least for the moment, we have another option for your small Root Elf warband. Here is the Root Elf Sentry.

Root Elf Sentry - Lucid Eye

Root Elf Sentry // Lucid Eye

A neat option for those wanting to drop a new command option into the mix for their Root Elf cavalry. As mentioned above, the Root Elf range has certainly grown to such a size that it would be easy to make a warband packed with different options.

The Red Book Of The Elf King

Finishing things off, I also wanted to highlight another Elf! Here we have Helfae Queen, Halaela.

Helfae Queen Halaela - Lucid Eye

Helfae Queen. Halaela // Lucid Eye

A fantastic new miniature for those wanting to add a character of pomp and ceremony into your games of The Red Book. Here is some of the background on this particular character...

"Halaela chose to serve the Lord of the Enfer rather than face obliteration; to spread His calamitous will among her own kind in return for her immortal being. For is it not better to live through the aons as a dark star in the Arc of Night, rather than a bright mote which sparks and burns before the dawn is done?"

Some shimmering golden skin here seems like a neat option. You could then go to work with some bright pinks and creams for her outfit I reckon.

Are you liking some of the new releases from Lucid Eye?

"As it stands, this is a pretty hefty range for those who liked the Root Elves and wanted to turn them into a full army..."

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