Lucid Eye Release Myriad Of New Fantastical Miniatures

January 26, 2021 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been showing off a bunch of new 28mm releases for a selection of their different ranges. The first of these is a new Frank Frazetta miniature, the Sorcerer, who is summoning forth some terrifying beast from the beyond.

Sorcerer - Lucid Eye

Sorcerer // Lucid Eye

I like the idea that you could now collect together most of the Frazetta range by Lucid Eye and use it as the basis for your own big roleplaying adventure set in a savage and wild Fantasy world. We have the Sorcerer as you can see here but it would also be very cool to get our hands on that demon too! Also, a good choice for your next Frostgrave warband leader?

Deeper Into The Ziggurat

As well as the work on the Frazetta range, we also have a couple of new releases for the Ziggurat. The first of the miniatures here is Andronicus.

Andronicus - Lucid Eye

Andronicus // Lucid Eye

Andronicus would be a good leader to drop into your games. The name means "male victor, warrior" so he would be very fitting in the role. If you're looking to play a game that is set during the Bronze Age but with a Fantasy twist then I could see this fellow matching up nicely. He could be a very good fit for a Greek army.

As well as Andronicus we also have the Standard Bearer here who looks like he has won many battle honours and now fights by the side of his lord.

Standard Bearer - Lucid Eye

Standard Bearer // Lucid Eye

The Ziggurat range is a pretty fascinating one. It is packed with loads of different miniatures which could work for Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Biblical-era states and more. You could maybe use these in Mortal Gods: Mythic or with Clash Of Spears/SAGA if you wanted to get fantastical there too.

Blades & Souls Foes & Friends?

The Blades & Souls collection from Lucid Eye is one designed to deliver a bunch of dungeon-delving miniatures for use with your role-playing games. To that end you'll be able to pick up some fearsome creatures like the Ogre...

Ogre II - Lucid Eye

Ogre II // Lucid Eye

...and if this monstrous creature doesn't work for you, then you can also pick up some minions to battle down in the darkness. You could add these Hobgoblins into the mix!

Hobgoblins II - Lucid Eye

Hobgoblins II // Lucid Eye

I talked above about the potential for some of these releases to be friends. These Satyr Guards could be used as the guardians of a forest realm that you've trespassed into or perhaps allies that you can use to battle against the forces of darkness.

Satyr Guards - Lucid Eye

Satyr Guards // Lucid Eye

The final releases for the Blades & Souls collection are these...quirky miniatures. Why have regular guards when you could check out some Coots?

The Coots - Lucid Eye

The Coots // Lucid Eye

This set of miniatures might be good for those planning to dive into a dungeon which is a bit more kid-friendly perhaps. Those are some seriously mean looking ducks though!

Toontastic Chimps!

These miniatures work nicely alongside the latest Toon Realms releases which also popped up this week...

Chimplings - Lucid Eye

Chimplings // Lucid Eye

Who could say no to a band of sneaky Chimplings who are swinging through the jungle looking to hunt your party of adventurers? These quick and easy to paint miniatures are the perfect kind of thing to hand over to younger gamers and hobbyists so they can try their hand at painting and gaming!

Are you liking the look of these new releases?

"Who could say no to a band of sneaky Chimplings who are swinging through the jungle looking to hunt your party of adventurers?"

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