Macrocosm & Needy Cat Games Share Bonefields Rules!

March 26, 2018 by brennon

Macrocosm and Needy Cat Games have shared the new Ancient Grudge: Bonefields rules in their beta format. The game is still currently on Kickstarter, coming towards the final few days on the funding platform.

Bonefields Demo Rules - Macrocosm

There is a full Development Blog for you to read where Needy Cat Games go into more detail about what they have explored in the rules and indeed what they would like to see from feedback too. Make sure to break out the models and give the game a go.

Deluxe Box - Bonefields

"The beta rules give people a basic run-through of the game, using a basic scenario and the two starter warbands available through the Kickstarter campaign (the starter warbands being Starter Set A (Goblins) and Starter Set B (Dwarfs), including their respective spellcasters). The rules do not yet include the Fanatical Goblin or Dwarf Wight - let's get the basics sorted before we get onto the advanced stuff."

Sounds like a good idea to us so make sure to get involved and share your thoughts on the rules so far with the team.

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"Make sure to break out the models and give the game a go..."

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