New Starter Set Malifaux’s Explorer’s Society

February 11, 2021 by avernos

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Wyrd Miniatures have announced the first of what will be a complete set of starter boxes for every faction in Malifaux the first of these will come from the newest faction the Explorer's Society.


Explorer's Society // Malifaux

Each Starter Box will include Versatile characters that can be used with any crew in that Faction. A Starter Box can get players immediately playing Henchman Hardcore, or can be treated as a strong foundation to start building a crew for a 50 Soulstone game and the models included in each Starter Box will come preassembled so you can start playing as soon as you open up the box.

For the Explorer’s Society, players will have access to Mr. Ngaatoro, a hard-hitting Henchman with a few tricks up his sleeve; Tannenbaum, a Versatile Enforcer with the unique ability to Rewrite the Story, which allows him to replace a Scheme that isn’t going as planned; and two Hopeful Prospects, who are Versatile Minions that can adapt to almost any situation after getting a lucky shot on their opponent.

Leaning into the feel of the Victorian explorers of darkest Africa they have a pair of big game hunters as minions which look terrific, but it is the massive Maori Mr Ngaatoro with the huge stone patu on his shoulder that draws the eye and it's always nice to see characters drawn from ethnicities that you don't ordinarily see on the tabletop.

Fate Deck & Widgets // Explorer's Society

In each Starter Box apart from the new miniatures, you will find their stat cards, 2 copies of each Explorer’s Society General Upgrade, a brand new unique Fate Deck styled with that Faction’s colours and characters. These Fate Decks won’t be available anywhere else, a measuring widget, and a handful of 30mm tokens, all of which are themed to that Starter Box’s Faction. The measuring widget will have sides for just about everything you’ll need to move or draw range, as well as a 50mm indent to help with Blasts.

With 3rd Edition of Malifaux going from strength to strength it's great to see that they are looking at new ways to help people get into the game. The preassembled miniatures will be a big boon as for players new to the game, or hobby in general, the Wyrd miniatures are beautiful but have often been viewed as hard to assemble and this eases people into the game with one less bump in the road. I really love the look of the Explorer's and now I'm torn between these and picking up my namesake from the Outcasts. The Starter Set is due for release in May so I have time to make up my mind.

Will you be exploring Malifaux with these?

"With 3rd Edition of Malifaux going from strength to strength it's great to see that they are looking at new ways to help people get into the game."

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