Mantic Games’ Elves Hit The High Seas Of Armada

September 8, 2021 by brennon

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Mantic Games has now added a new set of miniatures to their Armada range for pre-order. The forces of the Elves are now taking to the high seas with a Starter Fleet, Booster Fleet and more.

Elf Starter Fleet - Armada

Elf Starter Fleet // Armada

The first of the packs that we're going to take a look at is the Starter Fleet. The Starter Fleet comes with three ships for you to use at the core of your armada. All available in resin, you have the Leafblade, (with pieces to make it the Pride of Adar), a Drakon's Fury and finally a Storm Chaser.

You can then take things to the next level with the Booster Fleet.

Elf Booster Fleet - Armada

Elf Booster Fleet // Armada

The Booster Fleet comes with another Drakon's Fury, a Wave Dancer and then four ships for use in Argus Squadrons. I really like the design of the Elf ships for Armada. I think Mantic has done a good job of giving them that regal feel that suits the Elves of Pannithor, especially with all the gems and gold adorning their hulls.

I also like that there are little nods to Elven fleets from the likes of Man O' War in there too. You've got the big towers and buildings attached to the aft of the ship. A cabin fit for an Elven general.

Talking of impressive ships, we also have the Valandor.

Valandor - Armada

Valandor // Armada

Despite their immense size, they are still incredibly swift. You'll want to be a cunning helmsman if you're looking to outrun one of these on the ocean waves. It seems fitting that alongside something like the Valador, you might also have some of the Fliers that you can also pre-order.

Elven Fliers - Armada

Elven Fliers // Armada

This pack gives you a Drakon, ready to unleash fire on your foes from above, and a Cloudrunner which is at the ready to give support with that ballistae at the front. I think I'd go for more Drakons personally because who doesn't love dragons?!

Are you won over by the look of the new Elves for Armada?

"I think I'd go for more Drakons personally because who doesn't love dragons?!"

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