Mantic Discuss What’s Coming To The Sci-Fi World Of Warpath In 2021

January 8, 2021 by brennon

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The world of Warpath might not be getting as much attention as the likes of Kings Of War but there are plenty of fun things happening behind the scenes with Mantic Games for their Sci-Fi universe. The first thing is the addition of new miniatures!

Artificer Leader - Warpath

Artificer Leader // Warpath

Past peeks into the vaults at Mantic Games showed that they were going to be growing the Forge Father faction with the Artificers. This subfaction within the Forge Fathers have some impressive miniatures on the way, many of them using reclaimed mining equipment like the Brokkr do in order to defeat their foes. The leader above looks fantastic and I'm getting good Doctor Octopus vibes!

A DreadBall Spin-Off!

As well as new miniatures for your battlefields it looks like we're also getting miniatures for hex-based arenas as well. For example, here we have the Tigrax who will be part of a DreadBall spin-off which is called Arena Wars.

Arena Wars - Mantic Games

Arena Wars // Mantic Games

Think gladiatorial combat in space and you're on the right path. I'm sure that it won't have escaped people's notice that this fellow and his mount are atop a hex base which means there might be a fun bit of crossover into games of DreadBall anyway!

Firefight, Deadzone & Beyond

Firefight is still being worked on by the folks at Mantic Games and should provide a nice step up in scale for those who have been enjoying Deadzone. Plans are in motion so let's hope that 2021 is the year of Sci-Fi awesomeness and we'll start to see more troops hitting the tabletop in the coming months.

Firefight - Warpath

Firefight // Warpath

New Command Protocols are also on the way for those venturing into Deadzone which will be a plus for a lot of folks and a new Two-Player Starter Set is getting tweaked and revised to bring in a lot of the changes that you'll have seen from Escalation too. So, if you're into some smaller Sci-Fi skirmishes then you have a lot to look forward to.

I'm really hoping that Warpath, Firefight, Deadzone and the like all get a big shunt into the spotlight this year. The miniatures from Mantic Games were always cool to see pop up and it would be nice to have a reason to look at Forge Fathers again properly.

Are you still a big Warpath fan?

"I'm really hoping that Warpath, Firefight, Deadzone and the like all get a big shunt into the spotlight this year..."

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