Massive New Wave Of 2018 Releases For Dark Age

January 15, 2018 by brennon

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The world of Dark Age is welcoming all manner of fascinating new releases and more for 2018. Things are looking good for the Dragyri and the Skarrd with this set of releases as we get multiple boxed units for both factions.

Air Caste Death's Device - Dark Age

The first of the releases focused on the differing Death's Device units which can be picked up for the Air Caste...

Ice Caste Death's Device - Dark Age

...the Ice Caste, and finally the Shadow Caste. We've seen some of these miniatures through previews before but they consistently look like the best faction to get started with. They have such a unique look to them and thanks to the Caste system you've got a neat guide as to how to paint them.

Shadow Caste Death's Device - Dark Age

Whilst I like the colourful nature of the Air Caste I think my favour lies with the Ice Caste. Ice and snow has always been an interesting look on models and I love how the Dark Age crew have bought it to life on these figures.

Continuing with releases for the Dragyri we have this Umbra Shadow Elemental which looks like horror brought to life.

Umbra Shadow Elemental - Dark Age

The floating nature of this creation looks like it has been dredged up from your nightmares. I could imagine this manifesting in the darkness of the battlefield to start reaping souls.

Talking of reaping souls, we also have these Soul Wardens for the Air and Ice Caste of the Dragyri.

Soul Warden  - Dark Age

These characters are the spiritual heart of your Dragyri force on the tabletop and provide you with a focal point for all of the powerful energies at play on the tabletop when you're gaming too.

Moving away from the big models for a moment we also have these Spiderlings that will be scuttling around in search of things to drag off into the darkness.

Spiderlings - Dark Age

As well as some regular looking spiders you also have more warped versions too. Each of them has a maw packed with a toxin that will render their enemies useless.

Decaying Skarrd

Mixing things up we look towards the Decay Cult Skarrd with this new faction box to get you started in the game.

Skarrd Decay Cult - Dark Age

Created in the wake of an atomic detonation, these creatures have been brought to life using a warped version of necromancy to create an irradiated and relentless collection of monsters.

You also have the Flesh Echo Box which bolsters your force even more with all manner of decaying victims.

Skarrd Decay Cult Flesh Echo - Dark Age

Whilst these creatures are the walking dead they are not shambling zombies. These creatures are something a lot more dangerous and bloodthirsty.

Last but not least, we have the Skarrd Leadership Box, which gives you the important characters you need to lead these creatures into battle.

Skarrd Leadership - Dark Age

The Skarrd really are looking fascinating. Whilst the draw of the Dragyri is strong it's hard to ignore those awesome sculpts. When it comes to dead things, I don't think we've seen much better than these mutated puppets.

What do you think of the new miniatures?

"Created in the wake of an atomic detonation, these creatures have been brought to life using a warped version of necromancy..."

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