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September 19, 2019 by avernos

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What is thy bidding, my master

Fantasy Flight Games have just put Darth Vader up for pre-order as a new Operative expansion set for Star Wars: Legion

FFG Darth Vader Operative

We have a lot more details now about Mr Skywalker senior taking the field.  First, off it doesn't matter which sculpt you choose to use, either this one or the core set Vader can be changed depending on preference, what does matter is the role you choose for him.

As an Operative, he frees up a Command slot but also weighs in much cheaper and gains a few upgrades to boot!

FFG Darth Vader Operative Stat Card

As the butcher of Jedi and the Emperor's enforcer across the galaxy, Darth Vader has gained Jedi Hunter allowing him to convert a surge into a critical strike against force users. He may also find new ways to motivate himself, in this case by giving himself a suppression token, in order to increase his speed.

Coupled with Relentless, that lets the dark lord of the Sith attack for free at the end of a movement, he can be in and butchering younglings before you can say "Master Anakin what are we to do?"!

FFG Darth Vader Operative Activation Cards

Vader's Command cards are a different take on his previous cards, making him more of a devastating close combat monster instead of merely forcing his minions to do his bidding.

It is worth noting though that you can choose any of the previous Command Cards as well as these for both versions and mix and match to give you the right Commands tailored to your force and play style. My personal favourite of the new cards is Darkness Descends.

FFG Darth Vader Operative Command Card_output

Allowing Vader to push forward at the end of the setup really piling the pressure on your opponent and getting him into the position to wreak havoc as quickly as possible.

FFG Darth Vader Operative Fear_output

Combine that with the upgrade cards and he can be truly unstoppable, whether his presence is paralysing your opponents with Fear...

FFG Darth Vader Operative Endurance_output

Or you use his Endurance to wipe out the suppression built up by his Spur earlier in the round this is an Operative that can never be taken lightly.

Will you be the one holding Vader's leash?

"...he can be in and butchering younglings before you can say "Master Anakin what are we to do?"!"

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