A Master Of The Arts Comes To Life With FitzPatrick’s Lugh

September 20, 2018 by brennon

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Lucid Eye wasn't content with just their releases for Toon Realms yesterday as they also put up the pre-order for their next Jim FitzPatrick miniature. Here is the mighty Lugh.

Jim FitzPatrick Lugh - Lucid Eye

Lugh, also known as  Lugh LámhFada (Lugh Long Arm) or Lugh IlDána, is one of the iconic Celtic Gods. I think Lucid Eye has done a sterling job of bringing this character to life from the artwork by FitzPatrick and I love that they've captured that androgynous look to him as well.

The pale skin is going to be the challenge here I think; managing to give it an almost ghostly glow whilst still making him look full of life.

What do you make of this new FitzPatrick project?

"The pale skin is going to be the challenge here I think..."

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