Masters Of Puppets Are Pulling Aristeia!’s Strings

May 5, 2019 by dracs

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Corvus Belli are sending a new duo into the sports arena of Aristeia! But these two come with a few strings attached.

The Masters of Puppets set is comprised of two figures named Gaia and Fiddler.

Gaia and Fiddler are two girls who come to change the traditional strategy found in the HexaDome. Gaia has come to prove she’s a worthy rival of hEXx3r for the title of Queen of Control. Fiddler aims to find her place among the best shooters.

These two look very different to one another. Gaia looks graceful and in control, while Fiddler looks to be the type who will glory in some long ranged mayhem.

The Masters of Puppets set is due for release on June 27th of this year.

Would you send these two into Aristeia?

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