MERCS’ ISS & House 4 Get Ready For Combat With Megacon Games

March 11, 2015 by brennon

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Megacon Games have put together a couple of previews showing off the new miniatures coming to the world of MERCS on the updates for their Recon Kickstarter. Not only ISS but House 4 have popped up with some cool artwork and early miniatures. The quality isn't great image wise but you'll get a taster for what's coming...


Booster, Monkeywrench, Spy, Demo

Wavefinder with turret, Heavy, Shock Trooper

Calypso, Sniper, Leader

These are pieces from earlier in development so they aren't all in tip top shape quality wise but it does show off not only the variety of weapons you can bring to bear for the ISS but also what their armour is going to end up looking like when tweaked for the miniatures. I love the segmented, almost ancient/alien, look to the design.

House 4

Steward, Engineer, Demo, Priest

Survivalist, Sniper, Sapper, Heavy

Medic, Shock Trooper

House 4 are a bit more rough and ready when compared to the elite military gear of ISS but that doesn't mean they are any less deadly...

"FCC House 4 resides in the upper northwest of the United States into the southwest of Canada. They are fairly isolated. Most MegaCons leave them alone. They live fairly normal lives by Lost Margin standards. The majority of their interactions with the MegaCon world revolves around them capturing and ransoming members of MegaCons they come across. They don't want to harm worker-citizens (WC). If the MegaCon doesn't pay the ransom, the WC is invited to stay with House 4. It is both a means of revenue and recruitment." not a bad means of dealing with the enemy! I love the idea of setting up a scenario involving House 4 where a Megacon is transporting a high level asset through dangerous surroundings only to be ambushed by them. Do they keep the asset safe and capture one of the House 4 operatives or is it the other way around where the asset is seized? It would certainly make for a good linked campaign!

What do you make of MERCS?

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"House 4 are a bit more rough and ready when compared to the elite military gear of ISS but that doesn’t mean they are any less deadly…"

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