Micro Art Bundle Up Their Discworld Busts

July 25, 2019 by dracs

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Micro Art Studio have announced that they are releasing their Discworld Busts as a new True collector's set.

The True collector's set features sculpts based upon the character art of Paul Kidby, ranging from Death in what could be considered his work clothes, to the ever-cheerful Nanny Ogg.

The metallized variants have also been bundled together.

All of these sculpts are absolutely beautiful versions of the characters, with Nanny Ogg's being my particular favourite.

You can tell from her expression that she's quite ready to turn the idea of being a bust into one of her favourite single intenders.

Buying them all together in this manner is rather expensive, but as a Discworld fan (you might have noticed) I do think these are great pieces for collectors.

Which Discworld character would you like like to see turned into a bust?

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