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Community Spotlight: Lumbering Monsters, A Busty Dredd & Grimdark Assassins


We have a look at some fantastic Moonstone miniatures, a stunning bust for the mighty Judge Dredd and also a deadly grimdark Assassin.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Hunting The Best Classic Horror Miniatures For Halloween!


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this episode, we're hunting out the best Halloween Horror wargaming miniatures and games on the market and working out how we'd play some superbly spooky games on the tabletop.

Community Spotlight: Titans, Sagas Of Symbaroum & A Military Bust


Dive into a new Community Spotlight looking at some Adeptus Titanicus, a huge roleplaying game project and finally a great piece of work on a modern military bust.

Build Your Grimdark Space Bears Army With Puppets Wars’ Bitz


Working alongside YouTube channel, Tabletop Time, Puppets War has designed a new range of limited edition bitz for making your very own grimdark Sci-Fi Space Bears army on the tabletop. 

Community Spotlight: Sculpting Faeries, Creepy Dolls & A Rustcrawler!


We check out some sculpting, a little bit of electronic wizardry and also a converted creation for Warhammer 40,000. A little bit of everything for you this week thanks to our community!

Cult Of Games XLBS: Warren’s Building A Mighty Ship & Gerry’s Been Moonlighting!


Normal service has been resumed and we're back for another soupcon of Sunday morning slabber as we get down with our hobby-selves and explore the quality of our quartets quest for hobby fulfilment.

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge Winners 2020


Come and check out who the winners were for the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge 2020! You can also win yourself a £50 OnTableTop Store Voucher by commenting and telling us YOUR favourite project!

Black Crow Craft Up New Beasts, Busts & Elven Warriors


Black Crow Miniatures has been tinkering away on some new models and they lead the way into 2020 with The Beast, a massive Minotaur who is glowering down on whoever has decided to step into his realm. 

White Wolf Sculpt Up Fascinating Models For Avid Painters


White Wolf Miniatures has been showing off two new miniatures for those who want to crack out the brushes and get stuck in painting some larger scale miniatures.

Black Scorpion Test Their Luck With Wild West Gambler Bust


Black Scorpion Miniatures has added a new release into the mix, available for just a couple of weeks.

Wild She-Orc Bust Unleashed By Black Sun Miniatures


Black Sun Miniatures are building on their array of awesome busts with this larger than life, wild She-Orc. 

Scale75 Release Two More Fallen Frontiers Busts


Scale75 has been expanding on their Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers range which is a series of busts representing the different heroes and villains from its Sci-Fi world.

Micro Art Bundle Up Their Discworld Busts


Micro Art Studio have announced that they are releasing their Discworld Busts as a new True collector's set.

Smok Sculptures Peer At New Gnome Jeweller Bust


Smok Sculptures has added a new bust into the mix for those that want to stretch their painting skills. Check out their very characterful Gnome Jeweller.

A Damned Hero Hits The Battlefield Of Fallen Frontiers


Scale75 have two new options for those looking to pick up more miniatures from the Fallen Frontiers world.

Scale75 Show Their Pig Love With New Phigger Bust


Scale75 has released a new bust which you can get stuck into. With a Cyberpunk edge to the model and reminders of Beyond Good & Evil, this fellow should be fun to paint.

3D Art Digital Showcase War Demons Fantasy Bust Collection


Hobbyists rejoice - 3D Art Digital have previewed their upcoming Kickstarter, and these Fantasy busts are a must for any avid collector!

Ouroboros Revealed Dragyn For Dragon Masters Project


Ouroboros Miniatures revealed another addition to their Dragon Masters project which ended on Kickstarter this week. Here we have the spellcaster known as Dragyn.

Ouroboros Miniatures Present Their Dragon Master Busts


Ouroboros Miniatures have taken to Kickstarter with two bespoke Dragon Master Busts that they've been working on for a while

Studio Giraldez Paint Up Stunning Orc For GT Studio Kickstarter


Studio Giraldez has painted up a stunning Orc model for GT Studio who are coming to Kickstarter soon with their Orc Warband project.

Check Out Ouroboros Miniatures’ Stunning Dragon Lord Bust


Ouroboros Miniatures has shown off the next of their Dragon Master range of busts. This time around it's the Dragon Lord, looking very dangerous and imperious as he chooses his next victim.

Micro Art Studio Meet The Gods Of Discworld & Hang Out With Nanny Ogg


Micro Art Studio is delving back into Discworld with a new range of releases which are sure to make Sam very happy indeed.

Community Spotlight: Bog Brush Trees, Guild Ball Busts & RelicBlade Wilderkin


We've got busts (yes they're back!), Wilderkin and DIY Trees today on Community Spotlight!

Steamforged Chat Designing Special Critical Role Gen Con Models


Steamforged Games' Russ Charles talks about sculpting up the fantastic Gen Con Models for Critical Role which will be available next week.

Black Crow Miniatures Release Wonderful Cormac Bust


Black Crow Miniatures has released a series of awesome busts recently but we're focusing in on Cormac The Druid here. 

Embrace Your Draconic Side With Ouroboros’ New Bust


Ouroboros Miniatures has put together a fantastic new bust alongside the sculptor Bulat Satuchin. It will be available at the Euro Miniatures Expo in September and stands at around 80mm tall!

Community Spotlight: Goblin Queens, Scared Survivors & Shadowy Spirits


We've got loads of awesome projects once again to delve into here in Community Spotlight!

Broken Toad Brings The Butcher’s Brisket To Life


Fans of the fantasy sports world, Guild Ball by Steamforged Games, will be happy to hear that Broken Toad is bringing another new bust to the collection on June 25th.

Ouroboros Miniatures Preview New AI Busts For Kickstarter


You might remember that Ouroboros Miniatures were on Kickstarter not long ago funding their CP_New Skin project which sought to create a wonderful Cyberpunk bust. Well, they are now back with three new projects.

Scale75’s Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers Bust Collection Live On Kickstarter


Scale75 are now live with their Kickstarter campaign producing a range of 1/12 Scale Busts for Fallen Frontiers. Check Out Our Quick Look Review Too Within!

New Cyberpunk Inspired Bust Coming Soon From Ouroboros


Inspired by the Cyberpunk genre we have this awesome new bust coming soon from the folks at Ouroboros Miniatures.

A Snarling Beastman & Deadly Ninjas From Terrible Kids Stuff


Terrible Kids Stuff has two new releases for you to check out online. The first of them is this mighty Beastman sculpted by Boris Woloszyn...

Black Crow Sculpt Up The Brooding Bust Of Urhuk


Black Crow Miniatures have another stunning sculpt for you to check out today, the brooding barbarian known as Urhuk.

Privateer’s Dallas Shows Off Some Impressive Bust Painting


Dallas from Privateer Press who does an amazing job on our painting tutorials highlighted (get it...hah) some great looking Busts in one of his latest articles and we just had to show them off too.

Stunning Winners From Dragon Fall’s Painting Competition


Dragon Fall had absolutely amazing entries for their Dragon Slayer painting competition this year. Check out the stunning Gold Winners' entries.

MaxMini Waste No Time Releasing Their Wastelander Bust


MaxMini have recenetly released a new character bust named Zaezool the Wastelander.

Mirico Sculpt Up Some Impressive Dwarven Busts


Mirico is bringing more busts to the table for you to play around with as painters and hobbyists. This time around their focus is on some new Dwarven characters.

Join The Anti-Robot Squad With Nutsplanet’s Martina


Nutsplanet's Martina is a new bust that is hitting their webstore soon. If you like your Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk this could be a new project well worth getting stuck into.

MaxMini’s New Bust Means D. D. Danger!


MaxMini have released the bust we previously caught glimpses of, a military figure names Dorothy D. D. Danger.

Boyd’s Toys Unmask The Lawgiver With A New Resin Bust


Boyd's Toys has gone to Kickstarter with a high quality and very detailed resin bust, to support their ongoing project, Chronicles of the Wayfarer.

MaxMini Throw A New Bust Into The Military


MaxMini have previewed a new bust they are working on to give you a new painting project.

See The Dark Side With Jekyll & Hyde Busts By Infamy


Infamy Miniatures continue to add to their world of the weird with some new busts for collectors and painters. Here we have the twin sides of Jekyll & Hyde...

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