Scale75 Release Two More Fallen Frontiers Busts

August 4, 2019 by brennon

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Scale75 has been expanding on their Heroes Of Fallen Frontiers range which is a series of busts representing the different heroes and villains from its Sci-Fi world. The first of them this week is Shilas Fenn.

Sihlas Fenn - Scale75

Obviously, these are not for gaming but are a great way for those that love the Sci-Fi world and/or hobbyists and painters, in general, to have fun painting a larger than life version of these heroes and villains. I love the muscle work here and I think it would be brilliant to see what other people do with these models. You could have a lot of fun working with airbrushes, shading, tones and wet blending here.

The same goes for the second of the characters, Bianca Carlsson.

Bianca Caarlsson - Scale75

Here you get to play around with different techniques when it comes to armour. Whilst this is most likely made of some space-age material I think it would be fun to work in some non-metallic metal techniques here and there. You can then go wild on the skin tones and getting those eyes just right!

I think both busts here are pretty awesome and would be a great way to expand your Fallen Frontiers collection if you wanted to show off on the mantlepiece!

What do you think of them?

"Here you get to play around with different techniques when it comes to armour..."

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