Micro Art Studio Meet The Gods Of Discworld & Hang Out With Nanny Ogg

September 5, 2018 by brennon

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CORRECTION: Originally, we reported that all of these models were sculpted by Piotr Kupper. However, the Nanny Ogg bust was in fact sculpted by Andreas Bergman.

We apologise for this mix-up and promise not to write articles after drinking Nanny Ogg's famous scumble in the future. It's made from apples. Well, mainly apples.

Micro Art Studio is delving back into Discworld with a new range of releases which are sure to make Sam very happy indeed. We start with four of the Gods from the world created by Terry Pratchett. First up is Io...

Discworld Io - Micro Art Studio

...followed by Fate. All of these god sculpts were done by Piotr Kupper and delve into the artwork nicely, bringing these characters to life for collectors and fans of the Discworld novels.

Discworld Fate - Micro Art Studio

Finishing things off for the Gods currently, we also have Offler here, inspired by Egyptian mythology as you might have guessed thanks to that getup!

Discworld Offler - Micro Art Studio

There are lots more Gods as part of the Discworld pantheon and I'm sure if these go down well then we might see Kupper getting asked to sculpt some additional figures.

Nanny Ogg!

As well as these Gods we have a much more down-t0-earth character for you to consider in Nanny Ogg, sculpted by Andreas Bergman. This bust is also available now over on their webstore.

Discworld Nanny Og - Micro Art Studio

I won't profess to be a big Discworld lore fan like Sam but I do know that one of the neat things about Nanny Ogg is that she is more than more or less universally liked by all who meet Her. As mentioned in some of the reading about her...

 "People go to Granny Weatherwax for help when they have no choice, but they go to Nanny for advice all the time. Granny is respected, but Nanny is actually liked."

She seems like a charming character and you'd, of course, want to get her a paint job to match. Much like with this painted example here I think a ruddy glow to her cheeks is a good shout, bringing out the merriment in her.

Will you be snapping these up?

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