Microworld Games’ 6mm Crusaders Hit The Fantasy Battlefield

April 28, 2021 by brennon

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Microworld Games has now released their selection of 6mm metal offerings for those diving into TINY Fantasy wargames. We've seen them work on plenty of different armies and now it's the time of the Crusaders!

Crusader Command - Microworld Games

Crusader Command // Microworld Games

There is a range of options for you to pick up, mostly on the more elite side of things right now. A selection of command offerings could be tied nicely to the various ranks of regular human infantry that you can snap up from their extended range. The Crusader element can then be the thing that makes them unique.

Being Crusaders, these could work as Bretonnians if you wanted to head back to The Old World. They could also work as a small-but-large army of Basileans in Kings Of War if you so desired!

Archangels - Microworld Games

Archangels // Microworld Games

There is a good range of options for people wanting to add colour to their Fantasy armies. The Archangels really sell that Holy side of your army for example. You can also add to this with Knights, Nephilim and a sisterhood of battle nuns.

When it comes to sieging castles or taking down towering beasts, the Crusaders also need some artillery. This means you can also pick up kits like the mighty Trebuchet!

Crusader Trebuchet - Microworld Games

Crusader Trebuchet // Microworld Games

I really like this 6mm range and beyond the Crusaders, it is quite the extensive Fantasy range. There are armies for pretty much any faction you can think of allowing you to dive in and play out some fun battles on the tabletop. There will most certainly be a set of rules that will suit you nowadays.

Will you be taking a closer look at the 6mm Fantasy collection by Microworld Games?

"You can also add to this with Knights, Nephilim and a sisterhood of battle nuns..."

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