Mierce Get You Set For A Darklands Christmas

November 20, 2014 by brennon

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If you're a big fan of Darklands then you'll be glad to know that Mierce Miniatures have got a whole host of new releases for you coming in time for Christmas. Check them out...

Ciniod, Umaer of Dun Durn

Broga, Wereofor Thegn

Mag ap Mag, Prifdynwocor of Powys

Agathae, Signifer

Starting things off with the first half of this release we have (in order) the mighty Ciniod, the bestial Broga, the unpronounceable Mag ap Mag and finally Agathae clutching a rather familiar Imperial standard in her hand. In impressive start I think you'll agree but of the lot I think the tip of the hat has to go to Broga. I think they've got the were-hog look down just right here and it works really well.

Naraa, Tain of Baalor

Xontór, Gorgon of Khthon

Knútr of Víkin, Skipari of Hrafnen on Foot

Zethag of Carn Dhu, Harvest-Drune

The second batch from the Christmas line-up are no less impressive. Once again in order we have Naraa who's looking like a deadly warrior woman with her white eyes, creepy. Following her is the more interesting looking Xontor who I think looks like he's popped up from a Conan story. Next we have my favourite in Knutr (can't say no to a proper Viking warrior) and we finish with the rather gruesome Zethag.

Zethag herself looks like she could be at home in the world of The Witcher and I don't particularly want to know what she's got clutched in her hand. It looks rather suspicious.

The reason, away from it being an epic Viking, that Knutr makes it to the top of the list from this coming set of releases is because sometimes simple is better. It doesn't matter than there's little dynamism in the piece because the detail and stance that he is in is pretty awesome. He looks moody and foreboding as if he could snap and cut you down at any moment. Second is definitely the deadly Naraa however!

Which do you like best?

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