Modiphius Release New Miniature Sets For Achtung! Cthulhu

June 17, 2019 by brennon

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Modiphius has released a new selection of miniature sets and characters for those diving into Achtung! Cthulhu either in its roleplaying or skirmish guise. We start with two of the full teams and the Pathfinder Demon Hunters.

Pathfinder Demonhunters - Modiphius

These fellows have been out there in the wild before but they're back with this newly collected set. These North American tribesmen have learned how to deal with demons and spirits from the beyond and now put their skills to the test against the forces of darkness summoned by the dastardly Nazis!

Talking of evil people, we also have the Black Sun Commanders.

Black Sun Commanders - Modiphius

This group of insidious commanders are a force of sorcerous supremity on the battlefield. Each of them has unlocked a particular set of special skills after dabbling with the occult and they now bring it to the fore against the Allies in hopes of twisting the world to their own warped design.

In the set, you get a Master, Canon, Albrecht Lohmann, 'Sweet’ Liesel Bohm, and Dr Verner Verdrecht.

Heroes & Villains Unleashed

As well as the sets above you can also get yourself some smaller packs which feature unleashed characters for you to use in Achtung! Cthulhu. We start with Singh!

Singh Unleashed - Modiphius

Singh was able to 'lay his hands' on the amulet you see here when wandering in the jungle. Now he has been able to unlock the deadly power it contains, turning himself into a whirlwind of mist and shadow on the tabletop, striking unbelievably fast as he swings with that sword of his.

The miniature here portrays him in the midst of combat, his sword arm looking like it's everywhere at once.

Next up we have Ariane Unleashed.

Arianne Unleashed - Modiphius

Ariane is tied and bound to the demon that follows her everywhere. Now it has broken through into reality and so the two fight in unison. The demon lunges forward with claws and teeth bared whilst Ariana fires her twin lugers. More often than not her guns take down her foe before the demon does, sparing them from its rending claws.

We're sticking with the idea of spirits and demons with the next character, Natalya.

Natalya Unleashed - Modiphius

Natalya, much like Ariane is now pursued by a deadly spirit. She was able to control it in the past but now she unleashes the Spirit Of The Motherland on her foes, bursting through bunker walls and tank armour with ease. She is fury, cold and winter personified now when she fights.

She uses her abilities and the spirit bound to her in order to deal with the Nazi threat posing the Soviets but there could well be a limit to how much she can be controlled.

Last but not least we turn to the Allied heroes, Corporal Liebowitz & Jack McMasters.

Leibovitz & McMasters - Modiphius

These characters couldn't be more different looking if they tried but they both want to bring the Axis and Black Sun Command down. Liebowitz was horrifically wounded by them, his mind opened to the power of the Mythos, twisting his body into the monster you see here. Whilst he loses control often he can direct it towards his tormentors in an act of bloodthirsty revenge.

McMaster or 'Mad Jack' to many is a fearless (if wild) hero of the Allies with both longbow and broadsword at hand, ready to lead men into feats of daring during a mission. You might recognise who he's based on!

That's quite the neat set of collected releases for Achtung! Cthulhu giving you lots of options for Weird World War gaming.

"Which is your favourite character?"

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