MOMminiaturas Shows Of New STL Patreon Miniatures

January 26, 2021 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas are going to be venturing into the same arena that many other sculptors have over the last year or so. A new Patreon will be set up at the beginning of February offering STL files of their heroes for you to print off at home in 28mm or whatever scale suits your fancy.

Dwarf Slayer - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Slayer // MOMminiaturas

Currently, just two Fantasy miniatures have been shown off by MOMminiaturas and they fit into the range of Dwarves that MOMminiaturas has been growing for a while now. This angry-looking Slayer gets a thumbs up from me, as does the Engineer which has also popped up on their Facebook page.

Dwarf Engineer - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Engineer // MOMminiaturas

Whilst the Patreon will deal with the digital files that you can print at home, MOMminiaturas have said that you will also be able to get these miniatures physically later on down the line. So, if some of these miniatures do work for you then you shouldn't be missing out anytime soon.

Take To The Streets

As well as the Fantasy miniatures, it looks like we might even be seeing some modern characters too. This Street Gang was previewed recently which brings something entirely different to their collection!

Street Gang - MOMminiaturas

Street Gang // MOMminiaturas

There are several miniatures in the collection as it stands which would be fun for a gangland skirmish game on the tabletop. A few more miniatures are already in the works too it seems so this might turn into a full range or just be a minor distraction!

Are you going to be keeping an eye on what MOMminiaturas bring to life via Patreon?

"This Street Gang was previewed recently which brings something entirely different to their collection!"

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