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A Trio Of Trolls Lurk On MoMMiniaturas’ Sculpting Bench


MoMMiniaturas are working on a pair of trolls who are now lurking around their sculpting bench.

MOMMiniaturas Hop Aboard A Dwarf Steam Tank


MOMMiniaturas have shown off a new WiP for their latest piece of dwarf tech; a steam tank.

MOMMiniaturas Summon Up An Elven Sorcerer


It’s always neat seeing what MOMMiniaturas has on their workbench and this week is no different. I’ve started to develop an affinity for Elves and so their new Sorcerer very much spoke to me!

A Hulking Chaos Minotaur Released By MOMMiniaturas


MOMMiniaturas has another massive monster for you to snap up and add to your collection of Chaotic individuals. Here we have their Minotaur.

MOMMiniaturas Paint Up Goblin & Dwarf Heroes


With a Kickstarter just around the corner for their Fantasy range, the team at MOMMiniaturas have had some of their characters painted up. Here we have both their Goblin and Dwarf by Javier González.

MoMMiniaturas Grab Their Minotaur By The Horns


MoMMiniaturas have shown off a new WiP for a monstrous Minotaur model.

Set Out For Adventure In MoMMiniaturas’ Ships


MoMMiniaturas has come up with a pair of new forms of dwarfish transportation.

A Hulking Giant Summoned To Unlife By MOMMiniaturas


MOMMiniaturas has been sharing plenty more of what they’ve been working on as they build on their Fantasy range. For example, here we have an awesome Undead/Skeleton Giant!

MoMMiniaturas Raise Up A Monstrous Pillar


MoMMiniaturas have released a new terrain piece, one that will surely draw the eye of any malignant god to your tabletop.

MoMMiniaturas’ New Dwarf Leaps In Axes First


MoMMiniaturas have unveiled their latest dwarf sculpt, leaping in with both axes at the ready.

MOMMiniaturas’ Adventuring Duo Coming To Kickstarter March 9th


MOMMiniaturas’ long-awaited Kickstarter campaign is going to be hitting March 9th and with it, we get some awesome looking Dwarves, and a few of their companions too. Anyone remember this pair?

MoMMiniaturas’ New Dwarf Goes Hammer & Shield At The Enemy


MoMMiniaturas have shown off another new dwarf character, ready to stand in the defense of his people.

MOMMiniaturas Hire A Cunning Goblin For Their Collection


MOMMiniaturas, ahead of their Kickstarter in the near future, has been sculpting away like mad. One of their recent sculpts is this Goblin Hero.

A Troll Brings Its Club to MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have recently shown off a couple of new greens they’ve had on their workbench.

MoMMiniaturas’ Necromancer Raises Zombies At Their Webstore


MoMMiniaturas have released their new Necromancer, along with five shambling zombies.

MoMMiniaturas Tool Up A Blacksmith


MoMMiniaturas are preparing for a Kickstarter and have just shown off a Blacksmith that will be appearing on it.

MoMMiniaturas’ Crafty Goblin Green Starts Weaving Its Magic


MoMMiniaturas have added another sculpt to their workbench, a particularly crafty looking goblin shaman.

MoMMiniaturas Make A Pig Of Themselves


MoMMiniaturas have revealed a pair of rather strange sculpts, capturing two people in mid porcine transformation.

MoMMiniaturas Send Out A Giant Release


MoMMiniaturas have released their new Giant, who is ready to stamp the enemy flat.

Orcs Turn Savage At MoMMiniaturas


MoMMiniaturas have a new fantasy green they are working on, a rather savage looking goblinoid caught in mid-sprint.

MoMMiniaturas Work On A Giant New Model


MoMMiniaturas have started sculpting a new giant to stomp across the fantasy world.