Hulking Ogres Join MOMMiniaturas’ Colourful Range

February 25, 2020 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas have been showing off some more of the work going into their Fantasy range which will be popping to Kickstarter in the near future. The focus this time is on a band of Ogres who are all decked out in colourful uniforms.

New Ogres - MOMMiniaturas

These particular Ogres from MOMminiaturas give you a really nice glimpse at a band of mercenaries who could have been drafted into an Empire force from The Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. Of course, you could still use them in your games of The 9th Age if you want to avoid going back in time to one of those old books.

I always liked the idea of adding some more mercenary elements into an Empire force, especially if you're looking to build up an army based around Marienburg for example. The port city of The Empire seems like a good place to start building up an army which takes all-comers.

I also like the idea that you could use these fellows as stand-ins for something else. Armed with their big guns, maybe the could literally be your 'cannons' in your army? That would be a rather cool way of standing out on the tabletop!

Watch out for more from MOMminiaturas in the coming weeks!

"Armed with their big guns, maybe the could literally be your 'cannons' in your army?"

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