MOMminiaturas Add New Dwarf Heroes To Their Fantasy Range

November 27, 2020 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas has introduced three new pieces into their expanding Fantasy collection. If you're a fan of Dwarves (like me!) then you might enjoy painting up some of these characters for use in your grand armies and skirmish games. We start with a spellcasting Dwarf.

Dwarf Magician - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Magician // MOMminiaturas

This is a wonderful little character which might be well worth picking up for a roleplaying game if you don't use him for your bigger Fantasy games. I love all the details like the pipe tucked into the strap around his hat, the little owl hooting away on his shoulder and the most excellent beard!

If you're looking for something else that fits in with the "magical" side of things then you also have the Dwarf Anvil which is set up to smash out mighty runes at the rear of the battlefield.

Dwarf Anvil - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Anvil // MOMminiaturas

This Runemaster comes with two grizzled looking guardians who have no doubt served at his side for hundreds of years. The Anvil itself is set behind the two guardians and mounted higher up on the rocky base giving you a rather nice centrepiece to design your army around. If you want to build up your 9th Age or Warhammer Fantasy Battles army then this might work for you.

If you like the idea of making themed tabletops then you also have some terrain too. Here we have the third Dwarf Statue which is something you could work into some rocky hills.

Dwarf Statue - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Statue // MOMminiaturas

This particular entry into their terrain collection works nicely as a perhaps forgotten statue which maybe sits outside the front of an ancient hold or deep within a forest. I like that they've included some other accessories to help you tell the scale of the piece too with a horn and chest left at its foot.

I am all for seeing an excellent Dwarven Hold table set up using these miniatures and terrain from MOMminiaturas! It should also be noted that MOMminiaturas is currently running a Black Friday Sale with 30% off their range this weekend. If you're tempted, maybe go and take a look at their entire collection.

Are you liking these new options? 

"It should also be noted that MOMminiaturas is currently running a Black Friday Sale with 30% off their range this weekend..."

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