March Beneath MOMminiaturas’ Ace Dwarven Throne

October 30, 2020 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas has another awesome looking miniature for you to drop into the mix during the building of your Fantasy armies. Here we have this mighty Dwarf Throne which shows a resolved leader marching to war alongside his loyal retainers.

Dwarf Throne - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Throne // MOMminiaturas

This set comes with the set of rather strong looking Dwarves underneath holding the throne aloft and carrying their King into battle. This allows the venerable Dwarf King to keep an eye on the battlefield even though he doesn't seem overly happy with the situation.

As well as the King you've also got his Grudgekeeper at the rear of the throne who is reading through his mighty tome and making sure that everything is noted down from the battle.

Dwarf Throne Rear - MOMminiaturas

Dwarf Throne // MOMminiaturas

This old fellow is actually keeping an eye on a hanger on as well! The old Grudgekeeper and friend of the King is also looking after his daughter (or perhaps it's the old Grudgekeeper's daughter?). I get the feeling that she probably shouldn't be in the midst of the fighting but she could handle herself should the need arise with that mallet in hand.

Are you going to be picking up this new Dwarf Throne kit from MOMminiaturas?

"This old fellow is actually keeping an eye on a hanger on as well!"

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