Hire A New Ogre Mercenary From MOMminiaturas

October 26, 2020 by brennon

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MOMminiaturas added a new 28mm miniature into their collection this week for those building up a Fantasy Oldhammer army or perhaps something for The 9th Age. Check out their rather resolute Ogre!

Ogre #1 - MOMminiaturas

Ogre // MOMminiaturas

This Ogre is another of the exceptionally characterful looking miniatures from the team at MOMminiaturas. They always do fascinating sculpts which draw from the artwork of Warhammer Fantasy Battles but with a few twists here and there. A lot of people have been using them to make their Warhammer, 9th Age and Kings Of War armies over the years.

In this fellow, we have another of their ace characters which would be just at home as part of a big army as he would in a smaller warband. This fellow looks quite the veteran if his armour is anything to go by and he charges a hefty bit of change for his services!

Ogre #2 - MOMminiaturas

Ogre // MOMminiaturas

There is the classic look of The Empire about his appearance with all of that slashed silk which is then covered by armour which has seen better days. You get the ideas that maybe these Ogres are used as bruisers to smash their way through enemies lines so that you can get stuck in, in their wake.

I also like the idea that they work as bodyguards but only for the right price. Perhaps you could come up with a fun rule where you could offer them a bit of money behind the scenes to conveniently forget to turn up to defend their benefactor in your next skirmish?

What do you think of this new MOMminiaturas piece?

"I also like the idea that they work as bodyguards but only for the right price..."

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