Monstrous Alien Hives Beasts Stalk OnePageRule’s Sci-Fi Patreon

November 20, 2020 by brennon

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OnePageRules expand their November options on Patreon with some new Alien Hives beasts which are going to be stalking the battlefield looking to take down everything in their way. Devouring lifeforms of all sorts is the aim!

Prime Warrior With Sword & Whip - OnePageRules

Prime Warrior With Sword & Whip // OnePageRules

Two of the big options from November include these Prime Warriors. The first of them comes with a Sword & Whip making it a good beast to use in driving forth your army to devour the enemy. You can also play around with a Winged Prime Warrior too which can land in the back of the enemy army and slaughter all of their forlorn troops.

Winged Prime Warrior - OnePageRules

Winged Prime Warrior // OnePageRules

Again, this set of miniatures bring together the best of "Tyranids" alongside something a bit more reptilian. I really like the dinosaur angle that they went with here which also has a dose of the Xenomorph in their design. Basically, this is the best mash-up of all manner of alien creatures.

If you want to slither and stalk your way into battle then you have these Ravenous Beasts...

Ravenous Beasts - OnePageRules

Ravenous Beasts // OnePageRules

...or you can also pick up these monstrous Carnivo-Rex. This is a massive beast which comes with either a lashing tongue or without.

Carnivo-Rex #1 - OnePageRules

Carnivo-Rex // OnePageRules

Once you get these printed off either by yourself or through another source, you've got a really awesome looking alien army which is packed with specialised troops now.

Alien Hives November - OnePageRules

Alien Hives November // OnePageRules

I think this could be an excellent generic force to use in Grimdark Future, Warhammer 40,000 and beyond.

Are you tempted by these new creatures and if so, which is your favourite?

"I think this could be an excellent generic force to use in Grimdark Future, Warhammer 40,000 and beyond..."

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