Tour The Monuments Of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play’s Old World

June 25, 2020 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has been showing off a couple of new options for those diving into Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. The first of these is Monuments Of The Reikland which adds a number of new story beats into the mix for people telling their tales of The Old World.

Monuments Of The Reikland Cover - Cubicle 7.jpg

Monuments Of The Reikland Cover // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

In this little supplement for their roleplaying game, you'll find options for including some of these famous and infamous locations from the heartland of The Empire. Here is a breakdown of what you get inside...

  • The Statue of Burgomeister Holger Rauck: Never well-liked, the Burgomeister was certain a fine statue would be just the thing to prop up his flagging reputation. The locals disagreed.
  • Memorial to the Fallen of the Battle of Auerswald: A memorial to remember an ill-fated charge against the goblin hordes of Grom the Paunch, a small addition by the stonemason hints at a deeper purpose.
  • Von Plotzkanal’s Horological Tower: Though Imperial Engineer Gerd von Plotzkanal’s crowning achievement eventually drove him mad, the people of Kemperbad remain proud of this particularly changeable timepiece.
  • The Hawk of Mackenstein: Its origins lost to history, the Hawk of Mackenstein is beloved as a good luck charm while sleeping beneath it is said to bring one a long and restful slumber.
  • The Paranoth Column: Overlooking the River Schilder, the column is said to be a monument to a former Supreme Patriarch from the Jade Order, Garvan Paranoth, while others claim it was a monument to his folly.

These monuments might be worth exploring as you're on your journey, additional adventure hooks that could take tales off in a different direction.

Converting Old Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Heroes

As well as the supplement above, you can also pick up their Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Conversion Table booklet.

4th Edition Conversion Tables - Cubicle 7

Conversion Tables // Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play

This allows you to take some of your older characters and convert them over to work in the new edition of the game from Cubicle 7. Here is how the list of options breaks down within the set...

  • A handy chart for converting Characteristics from first and second edition to WFRP’s fourth edition.
  • A list of Skills from second edition and their closest match in WFRP fourth edition.
  • A list of Talents from the first and second edition and their closest match in WFRP’s fourth edition.

Are you going to be snapping these new options up for use in your games?

Let us know your thoughts below and what your favourite hero is from your old campaigns!

"Are you going to be snapping these new options up for use in your games?"

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