Moon Knight & Blade Previewed For Marvel: Crisis Protocol

June 22, 2021 by brennon

More characters are joining the expanding roster of heroes and villains in Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Atomic Mass Games recently previewed both Moon Knight and Blade who are going to be joining the fight very soon with some cool-looking 40mm miniatures.

Moon Knight - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Moon Knight // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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We start off with Moon Knight. It is going to be very interesting seeing how people paint him up for starters! I must say that I didn't know much about Moon Knight but from a quick scan of the interwebz, he seems like a fun character! I like that he's similar in many regards to Batman and is on that path of vengeance against wrong-doers. It's also neat to find out about another character who doesn't (normally) have access to superpowers and instead use his gadgets and learned skills to take down foes.

I would imagine that this addition to the Crisis Protocol roster is somewhat prompted by the news of Oscar Isaac taking on the role in both his TV series and in future MCU films. I am interested to see more!

Kicking Vampire Ass

We also got a look at the absolutely epic miniature for Blade which is coming our way.

Blade - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Blade // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

I must admit that most of my knowledge of Blade comes from the introduction of him into the 90s Spider-Man cartoon and of course the Wesley Snipes movies. Who wouldn't want to play as a kick-ass vampire slayer who is part vampire himself?

I think the sculpt here is great as Blade descends on his foes, ready to cut them into pieces with those twin katana. I also think they've (both the sculptor and painter) done a superb job on his face there, really bringing out the anger and deadly intent! I can't wait to see what Mahershala Ali does with the character in future MCU content.

Are you tempted to pick up these new heroes in the near future?

"Who wouldn't want to play as a kick-ass vampire slayer who is part vampire himself? "

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