Motley Goons & More Come To Warlord’s Strontium Dog

July 17, 2018 by brennon

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Warlord Games are looking towards a new array of Strontium Dog releases to help add more colourful characters to your post-apocalyptic comic adventures. We begin with the main characters once again mounted up in Search & Destroy.

Strontium Dog Search & Destroy - Warlord Games

This set has Johnny Alpha, Wulf and the Gronk all mounted up on their speeders as they head out into the wasteland to find their next quarry. Inside the set, you'll get all the rules for using them in your games and hopefully you set up some highspeed scenarios on the tabletop where they are chasing down a caravan of goons perhaps, ready to bring them to justice.

Some of those enemies might be the Weerd Brothers for example.

Strontium Dog The Weerdz - Warlord Games

As a band of miscreants who have got a beef with Johnny Alpha, they seem like the perfect set of enemies to come up against once you've blasted through scores of goons. As well as The Weerdz you also have the Stix Brothers (a lot of brothers here it seems).

Strontium Dog The Stix Brothers - Warlord Games

These identical brothers (and sisters) are some of the most ruthless bounty hunters out there and will stop at nothing to bring down their targets. Because of the seemingly neverending number of them, there is always another of them just around the corner to continue seeking out their prey or indeed seek revenge for the death of one of their brood.

Last but not least we have a set of your standard Goons. Everyone needs goons to waste in proper comic book/movie fashion.

Strontium Dog Goons - Warlord Games

I love that Warlord describes these Goons as not just your typical criminals but maybe even members of law enforcement. Afterall, there are Goons and bad guys within every organisation.

Have you been tempted by the weird world of Strontium Dog?

"Have you been tempted by the weird world of Strontium Dog?"

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