Mud Men & Strange Goblins Coming Soon From Pulp Figures

March 21, 2023 by brennon

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Pulp Figures recently released a few more miniatures for your Pulp adventures on the tabletop. The most recent set of releases was for their Mud Men Warriors which could be used to represent tribal warriors that you come across as both allies and enemies in your adventures.

Mud Men Warriors - Pulp Figures

Mud Men Warriors // Pulp Figures

There are five different poses for the various Mud Men and then you have fifteen head/mask variants. The heads are picked at random when it comes to picking up the miniatures but if you'd like to receive a varied selection, they will do their best to help in that regard, especially if you buy quite a few sets.

I think these would be brilliant as foes at first during your Pulp games. Then, as you learn of the other dastardly villains looking to get their hands on relics and the like, you find yourself firm friends with the Mud Men and work alongside them to stop some fiendish plot. I feel like it's a plot that involves a moustache-twiddling American...

Quirky Goblins (NSFW)

As well as the new MudMen, Bob Murch is also working on a new range of Fantasy miniatures that should be appearing at Adepticon this year.

NobGoblins - Pulp Figures

NobGoblins // Pulp Figures

These fellows are known as the NobGoblins (for obvious reasons...) and are being introduced into the mix as some quirky new Fantasy figures for you to use in your games. I'm not entirely sure how many people require goblins who are showing off their tiny todgers but it looks to be a pretty extensive range as it stands!

This is going to be the first of a new "Misguided" Fantasy range. I am intrigued as to what that will mean in the long run but these miniatures seem fun.

Could you be tempted by some Mud Men or perhaps a band of NobGoblins?

" find yourself firm friends with the Mud Men and work alongside them to stop some fiendish plot"

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