Muster The Ice Elves Of Norsgard With The Power Of IndieGoGo

July 5, 2014 by brennon

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The Ice Elves of Norsgard are up on IndieGoGo at the moment and they are halfway through their fundraising campaign. With your help they can bring these eldritch creatures to the tabletop sooner rather than later.

Ice Elves (Solo)

Ice Elves (Group)

As you can see they have a very standard 'Dark Elf' look to them but with a few cool additions like those neat topknots and such. While the immediate comparison could be drawn to the likes of Warhammer Fantasy I would say that these actually have a bit more of the Kingdom Under Fire video game about them. There they had a more Middle-Eastern feel to them and while these are Ice Elves I could imagine them with such an accent.

Dark Guard Sorcerer (Painted)

As well as the Ice Elves themselves the guys at Norsgard have painted up this rather amazing looking Dark Guard Sorcerer. I love the look of this chap and he would be brilliant as a role-playing hero as well as something for their tabletop game. I love the amount of detail they've got onto the model and the gentle glow coming from his eyes is great lighting.

Do you think you'll pledge for this?

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