Mythic Americas’ Jaguar Warriors, Spiders & The Weird Ayar Appear!

February 15, 2021 by brennon

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Warlord Games has added another set of released to their Mythic Americas range. You can now snap up new Aztec warriors and monstrosities for use with your army as it battles to control the mythological past of the Americas.

Jaguar Warriors - Warlord Games

Jaguar Warriors // Warlord Games

The first of the new releases in 28mm are the more measured and slightly less mythological Aztec Jaguar Warriors armed with macahuitl. These are some of the elite warriors of the Aztec army who might be a little easy to cut down BUT they are vicious in attack. They are very much a glass cannon for you to drop into the mix.

Stepping away from the realm of realism, we also have these very creepy looking Spider Sisters!

Spider Sisters - Warlord Games

Spider Sisters // Warlord Games

This is a small-scale unit which allows you to unleash a select amount of spells at your enemies. They are very much not a combat unit and are best used when focusing together to cast a single spell. Imagine them as a little cabal of spider-like sorcerers! They certainly look very creepy!

The last release from the folks at Warlord Games is the even creepier Ayar which is just a little bit uncomfortable to look at...

Ayar - Warlord Games

Ayar // Warlord Games

Whilst the other miniatures here are available in metal, the Ayar is a resin figure. It is a good way to get your opponent locked in combat thanks to its high resistance value. This is a terrifying melee monster who is also able to hurl corpses as a ranged attack. You won't be able to escape the Ayar once you get in combat with it.

Are you tempted by more of these Aztec offerings from Warlord Games? 

"This is a terrifying melee monster who is also able to hurl corpses as a ranged attack..."

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