Napoleon Past & Antares Future Appear In Warlord’s Previews

April 25, 2017 by dracs

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Warlord Games have a couple of new models for both the Napoleonic era and the far future of Gates of Antares.

Ride In Royal Splendor

The first miniature previewed is the Royal Horse Artillery for Black Powder.

Royal Horse Artillery

The Royal Horse Artillery are a regiment of the British army and were established to help provide the cavalry with some artillery support.

The models will be released later this year and I personally really like the small carriage piece, as it looks very different to what I, as a neophyte to Napoleonics would expect to find on the battlefield of the time.

What Manner Of Mech Is This?

As well as the Napoleonics, Warlord have published a preview for a release coming this Friday. I think it's for Hail Caesar!


This is, of course, a new release for Beyond The Gates Of Antares, but aside from that Warlord haven't given us much to go on.

It looks like quite a mighty mech, and that claw hand suggests it could be do some serious damage in close combat. Or win at claw machine games.

Are you more interested in scifi or historical games? Can you take a guess at what that mech will be like?

"That claw hand could do some serious damage in close combat. Or win at claw machine games..."

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