Get All The Necessities For Mystic Vale In New Essential Edition

December 10, 2021 by fcostin

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Alderac Entertainment Group is bringing players all the essentials they need for Mystic Vale, all tied up in a box for some card crafting goodness.

On March 18th 2022, Mystic Vale: Essential Edition will tie together the base game to get players started and the first three expansions - Vale of Magic, Vale of the Wild, and Mana Storm - to equip players with enough adventuring as they head off into the wild.

Mystic Vale Essential - Image One

Mystic Vale Essential Edition // Alderac Entertainment Group

The box will come at a cheaper price than if you were to buy the base game and three expansions separately. With each base game at retail for roughly £35 and expansions (if you can find them) ranging from £20-£30, AEG has released the price to be hitting retail for the Essential Edition at $89.99, so I am sure we will see price range from anywhere between £60-£75.

This is not the first time we have seen the Essential Edtion, but this new print will be coming with fresh box artwork, and a massive box to keep all of the components safe.

Speaking of components, there are quite a few different treasures you get in the massive box! Players will be able to get their paws on an array of different cards, including 80 Starting cards, 90 Vale cards, 4 Reference cards and 100 card sleeves to keep them protected! Plus, an assortment of different tokens and visuals such as 252 Advancements, 18 Fertile Soil Advancements, 16 Leaders, 14 Conclaves, 44 1-point VP tokens, 12 5-point VP tokens, 4 Mana tokens, 160 Spirit tokens, and 8 Amulets. Plus if that is not enough for you, the box also includes 30 dividers, a rulebook and a playmat to keep the fantastical elements all in one place!

Mystic Vale - Image Two

Card Building Example // Mystic Vale

If you have never played Mystic Vale before, the essential edition is a great time to get started. The game uses a unique mechanic where players are required to craft cards using sleeves to ultimately create a whole variety of different cards to ultise in the fantasy world.

Keep an eye out for the Mystic Vale: Essential Edition coming to retail in March 2022.

"If you have never played Mystic Vale before, the essential edition is a great time to get started..."

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