Nerdship Get Stuck Into Combat In How We Roll Episode 2

March 20, 2019 by dracs

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The second episode of Nerdship's Dungeons and Dragons adventure show How We Roll has gone live and the adventurers find themselves in the midst of combat!

As the adventurers settle down around the campfire, a sudden rustling comes from the surrounding trees. What is that chittering? It sounds like... an ambush!

For this series, Nerdship are using terrain and props provided to them by Hodgoblin 3D.

It's great to see their game featuring a good mix of narrative roleplaying and tabletop strategy, as it adds a visual element to the show and the terrain provided by Hobgoblin 3D definitely adds to this.

While How We Roll is still in its early days, I will admit I am very excited see where it goes and how the characters develop.

Is this a show you plan to follow? 

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