Learn New Burrows & Badgers Rules With The Latest Journal!

June 8, 2022 by brennon

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In the wake of their latest The Streets Of New Castle Kickstarter, Oathsworn Miniatures has released a brand new Oathsworn Journal which is packed with new rules for use with Burrows & Badgers.

The Oathsworn Journal Issue 5 - Oathsworn Miniatures

The Oathsworn Journal Issue #5 // Oathsworn Miniatures

The latest issue of the Journal presents more rules for you to test out. For example, there are brand new rules for making warbands and crews based on the new miniatures from the Kickstarter. So, you are going to be able to run warbands of Street Gang members and the City Watch.

City Watch Alliance - Burrows & Badgers

City Watch Alliance // Burrows & Badgers

There are also rules including for expanding and building on your games with the miniatures you already have. Flawed Hero rules are included which I am a real fan of and there are additional rules for playing in stinking bogs! There is also a way to nerf those leaders that have got way out of hand in your home campaigns.

Flawed Heroes - Burrows & Badgers

Flawed Heroes // Burrows & Badgers

Capping things off, we also have a neat bit of additional fiction that expands the world of Burrows & Badgers. It's a fun story to have a read through! Plus, you can start mixing NPCs into your games and have them as a wandering hassle when all you want to do is take down your opponent!

Townfolk Rules - Burrows & Badgers

Townfolk Rules // Burrows & Badgers

A new Arcane Conclave finishes things off properly with a whole host of new spells and skills to complement everything that got added in the Journal. The new Oathsworn Journal is entirely free to download from HERE. Get stuck in and tell us which bits you end up using in your campaigns.

Are you going to be checking this out?

"The new Oathsworn Journal is entirely free to download..."

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