Check Out Four New Character Sets From Studio Miniatures

June 30, 2020 by brennon

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Studio Miniatures has added a few new releases into the mix for those looking to play around with all manner of different characters in their games. You could use these for your Post-Apocalyptic games or maybe even something Medieval and weird if you desire!

Sanjay & Jane - Studio Miniatures.jpg

Sanjay & Jane // Studio Miniatures

We start with Sanjay & Jane who look like they could do some real damage. Sanjay seems much more equipped for dealing with the undead thanks to that antique sword but never underestimate how good a mop can be. Smash that into their faces and you could topple them back away from your bungalow!

Keeping with the idea of old codgers for your games, you've also got Ford & Greg here.

Ford & Greg - Studio Miniatures

Ford & Greg // Studio Miniatures

I would assume that some of you have already worked out where these characters have come from within the realm of pop culture. I don't think you can go wrong when it comes to characterful survivors thanks to the team from Studio Miniatures. I love that all of them have such a tinge of Britishness about them. You can tell that they would grumble their way through any encounter.

Medieval Times

As well as the old folks above, the team at Studio Miniatures has also shown off a pair of releases which have been taken from the realm of classic Fantasy. We start with The Bridal Party which features a lovely lady and her two retainers.

The Bridal Party - Studio Miniatures.jpg

The Bridal Party // Studio Miniatures

You might want to reconsider your wonderful day when this trio pops up. You could have a lot of fun tinkering with some funny scenario where the wedding day has gone disastrously wrong. Perhaps someone has done a bit of invading or the undead are now ready to crash the party.

You can also embrace a sense of inevitability with The Brotherhood Of Penance who are absolutely fantastic. I like that you could pose these in such a way as if it looks like they are going through the motions of smashing themselves in the face.

The Brotherhood Of Penance - Studio Miniatures.jpg

The Brotherhood Of Penance // Studio Miniatures

Again, you could use these for a comedic adventure on the tabletop or perhaps as funny civilians or objective markers in a more serious game. I love the idea of using them in something like SAGA as a little pop culture nudge.

What do you make of these new releases from Studio Miniatures?

"I love the idea of using them in something like SAGA as a little pop culture nudge..."

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