New Fauna Snarls & Bites Its Way Into Dropzone Commander

June 18, 2018 by brennon

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TTCombat has been working away on some more quirky new creatures for Dropzone Commander. As part of Reconquest: Phase 2 you are able to drop these beasts onto the tabletop to see what kind of effect they have on your battles!

Maulers - Dropzone Commander

First up we have these lovely creatures, the Maulers. These beasts are snarling and hulking, standing around the same size as one of the PHR Walkers from the game. Here's a bit more about them...

"Mauler is the catch-all term for any hulking, belligerent beasts roaming over large areas in angry packs. No matter their actual genus, this subset of Fauna are always territorial, but over a much larger area than many other Fauna seen during the Reconquest. They patrol through cities and across plains searching for threats to their sovereignty, lashing out at any they see as encroaching upon their territory."

As well as these Maulers, we also have the smaller (but still deadly) Daggers.

Daggers - Dropzone Commander

"Daggers are silent hunting creatures – Fauna that stalks from the shadows to attack their prey. They inhabit environs across the Cradle Worlds and can lay dormant for years, living off tiny scraps of food for long periods of time."

As with our last chatter about Dropzone Commander and these new Fauna creatures, it's superb to see more from the larger world of Dropzone Commander coming to the fore. You get a richer sense of the world and you're also provided with more options for gameplay!

Your battles would no doubt be disturbing creatures like these who would go after both sides!

What do you think of these new creatures?

"You get a richer sense of the world and you're also provided with more options for gameplay!"

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