New Flames Of War German Plastics For Operation Bagration

April 23, 2021 by avernos

Battlefront is reinforcing the Eastern Front with a host of new full plastic kits to supplement the forces fighting in the Bagration: German book. After the launch of the army deal and book, we now see the platoon kits appearing to add to your collection.

GBX160 BF Panzer IV 70 Platoon

GBX160 Panzer IV/70 Platoon // Flames of War

The Panzer IV/70 tank combined the excellent gun of the Panther tank with the tested hull of the Panzer IV tank. With additional armour, this made for a formidable fighting vehicle. The Panzer IV/70 is armed with the same long 7.5cm KwK42 L/70 gun as the Panther tank and can crack the front armour of any Soviet tank. With a 40" range and a halted RoF of 2 it should be picking off targets long before they become a threat to you combine that with the veteran crew, low profile and the slab of armour 9 at the front and they will become a real thorn in the side of your opponent.

GBX166 Armoured AA Tank Platoon // Battlefront Miniatures

The Wirbelwind anti-aircraft tank replaces the fold-down sides of the older types with a proper armoured turret mounting quadruple 2cm FlaK38V guns. With a RoF 5 and a 20" range even if your opponent doesn't have aircraft it makes a great infantry stopper as you can dig them out of buildings with its firepower.

The Ostwind was designed in 1944 as a successor to the Wirbelwind. Armed with a 3.7cm FlaK43 anti-aircraft gun it has better range and hitting power than the Quad 2cm AA gun of its predecessor. It loses shots as its RoF drops to 3, but you gain so much more, firepower 7 means light and medium tanks need to be careful around it. Add to that a longer range and better all-round armour and it becomes a potent unit on the table top.

Best part of this kit is that you get the turrets for both, and with the addition of a magnet you can swap in and out the turret type you prefer for the list you are building.

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The Bagration plastics are up to Battlefront's high standards as always and it's great to see some of these much-used vehicles finally making the leap over from resins. My own personal favourites are the Wirbelwinds which I rarely left home without as they were always effective.

Will you be picking these up for your German army?

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