New Frostgrave: Fireheart Constructs Coming To Life Soon

September 5, 2022 by brennon

North Star Military Figures have been showing off more of the miniatures coming to support Frostgrave: Fireheart, the new supplement for the Osprey Games skirmish wargame. Some fascinating Construct miniatures are on the way!

Construct - Frostgrave

Construct // Frostgrave

Because these are some pretty massive miniatures, they are first going to be available in resin so that they can be set out to those eager to add them into games of Frostgrave. Future releases post-pre-order will come in metal once they have perfected the techniques needed to bring them to life.

Large Construct - Frostgrave

Large Construct // Frostgrave

I think these look absolutely awesome and are certainly going to be the way to go when it comes to building Enchanter-focused warbands in Frostgrave. Of course, some of these Constructs might end up being foes that have been long hidden within the ruins of Felstad. Do you awake them with the intent of twisting them to your will?

There is also this fellow, the Construct Of Burden. This is another of the miniatures inspired by the artwork in the new book and I think it looks suitably creepy.

Construct Of Burden - Frostgrave

Construct Of Burden // Frostgrave

You could see this Construct slowly walking its way through the tunnels and ruins of Felstad, picking up whatever looks shiny for your Wizard. Imagine this as a "wandering monster" as well, marching through the middle of a battlefield, heedless of what is going on around them, following ancient orders.

There are also some monstrous foes for you to consider adding to your collection. We saw some of these previously but here is the Large Candle-Jack!

Large Candle-Jack - Frostgrave

Large Candle-Jack // Frostgrave

Mess with one of these at your peril! There have also been previews for the terrifying Glassman who seems like a very awkward foe for you to face on the tabletop. As the collection for Fireheart grows, there and ever more chances for you to head off on a brand new adventure. You don't have to be an Enchanter to make use of these miniatures!

Are you going to be picking these up from North Star?

"There are also some monstrous foes for you to consider adding to your collection..."

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