New Polish Reinforcements Join The Bolt Action Battle

May 10, 2019 by cassn

Warlord Games are facing down the German forces with their new Polish Army Support Group, and these brave soldiers are ready for battle!polish

Following World War I, Poland found itself newly independent and in a state of societal unease and conflict. However, this conflict produced experienced and capable leaders who were fearless fighters in battle.


A CKM wz.30 machine gun can fire a 7.92mm round and was almost an exact copy of the American M1917 machine gun. Common among the Polish army, several thousand were produced in the lead-up to WWII.


Finally, the mortar team make use of 81mm mortar rounds. While mortar was not commonly used by the Polish Army, on the rare occasions that they were available, they proved to be a reliable weapon in war.


This 12-piece 28mm set is a fantastic addition to any WWII tabletop game and is made on demand. You can order your Polish Army Support Group now through the Warlord Games website.

Will you be adding the Polish Army Support Group to your tabletop game? Comment below! 

"A fantastic addition to any WWII tabletop game!"

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