Check Out New Skyclad Elves & Cruel Lords From Lucid Eye

November 30, 2021 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been working away on some great new releases for those wanting to add to their 28mm Fantasy collections. We start with a new character for The Red Book Of The Elf King and Chaelech Once Cruel.

Chaelech Once Cruel - Lucid Eye

Chaelech Once Cruel // Lucid Eye

I think that Lucid Eye's Elves are probably my favourite Elves ever. I really like the Wild Elves of Warp Miniatures but I think that Steve Saleh's designs are something special. They have that Fae quality to them which harks back to their origins in European folklore and Norse mythology whilst also having that cruel edge that folks like from grimdark worlds like Warhammer.

The miniatures are also a joy to paint too. I have a good collection of their range that I delved into many moons ago and it was fun working out the ways to bring them to life. They are packed with detail and a fascinating option for someone who wants to try something different when it comes to Elves.

Root Elves

Talking of different Elves, we also have the Root Elves from Lucid Eye that have been popping up over the last few months. Many of them are Skyclad like the Blare you see below!

Skyclad Blare - Lucid Eye

Skyclad Blare // Lucid Eye

The idea is that this would give you a set of miniatures in 28mm to represent Wood Elves or wild Elves who have taken to the rolling hills, mountains and forests. They are sitting ready to be covered in tattoos over their pale skin.

Not all of the Root Elves are naked though. Some of them also have clothes on and work nicely as the core of your warband on the tabletop. You could easily use these alongside The Red Book Of The Elf King but I like the idea of dropping them into a themed Oathmark army.

Root Elf Briars - Lucid Eye

Root Elf Briars // Lucid Eye

You have the core of Spearmen and Archers (Briars and Thorns) in the mix so you could make them a wild contingent of Elves that your kingdom has asked to help them defend your borders from raiders.

Root Elf Thorns - Lucid Eye

Root Elf Thorns // Lucid Eye

There is a nice array of options in the mix here, even if there are just a handful of different poses. To that end, these would also work really well as foes or allies in some roleplaying adventures. You don't always have to fight Goblins and Orcs on your travels. Perhaps you instead stumbled into some woodland den and the lord of the tangled forest is displeased with your trespassing?

You can check out the rest of the Blades & Souls collection for a look at more of the Skyclad Elves in this collection.

Are you liking the look of these new Elves from Lucid Eye?

"...these would also work really well as foes or allies in some roleplaying adventures"

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