New Sourcebooks Now Available For My Little Pony RPG Fans

April 8, 2019 by brennon

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The team at River Horse have delivered a few new sourcebooks for those delving into more My Little Pony: Tails Of Equestria role-playing. The first of these is the Official Movie Sourcebook which is grand for those that want to tie things into that cinematic universe.

My Little Pony RPG Official Movie Sourcebook - River Horse

This new book brings into play a whole bunch of new non-pony characters to play. For example, you could be a Cat, Parrot, Hippogriff or maybe even the Lizardfolk! You'll also find expanded rules which allow you to delve into more complex character relationships and longer journeys within the world.

You will also find a new adventure, The Beasts of Black Skull Island, which allows you to delve into a new campaign. You could also bolt this on to an existing campaign as well if you wish.

The Haunting Of Equestria

As well as the big sourcebook for the movie there's also The Haunting Of Equestria.

The Haunting Of Equestria - River Horse

This is a new epic tale for My Little Pony players who want to expand between levels five and ten. Here's what's included as part of the new book...

  • A brand new standalone adventure for Tails of Equestria that can also be connected into a longer campaign with our other adventures.
  • Big challenges. This adventure is for higher level characters (level 5-10), a range that none of our previous adventures have yet covered.
  • Tons of original artwork, more than any other Tails of Equestria book!
  • An optional rule called Fear Points, and advice for playing spooky stories.
  • Classic villains and heroes! Meet a version of Princess Celestia and Luna from another world, all with game stats and descriptions!

This sounds like it would be a great way to expand upon stories and help weave a little bit more of a mature story into the mix.

Do you think you'll be snapping these up? You can either grab them as digital downloads or physical books.

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