A New Wave Of Role-Playing Wardlings Now Available From WizKids

August 9, 2018 by brennon

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WizKids has expanded upon their Wardlings range of characters with a new wave! These are great models for younger role-playing gamers to use when they are getting into the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Wardlings Girl Fighter - WizKids

Each of the different characters is actually looking rather good for pre-paints as you'll see from these examples here. They are certainly good enough for younger gamers and if you wanted you could just give them a little touch-up or drop a wash over them to bring out those details a little more.

Wardlings Girl Druid - WizKids

Each of the characters also comes with a familiar/companion for your character which is something that would be really awesome to see translated into the games. It would be cool if they all had a mechanical benefit and became an extension of your characters.

Wardlings Girl Cleric - WizKids

I really like that the new range also covers so many different character classes. As well as dipping into the traditional classes they have also looked towards some more of the fringe options too.

Wardlings Boy Wizard - WizKids

It keeps things simple of course for these to just be based on Humans but you could very easily make them into Elves and Half-Elves too. Of course, this also means that younger gamers are going to take to their characters a little more too if they look like them!

Wardlings Boy Rogue - WizKids

It would be fun to see if future Wardlings also look towards some alternative races as well. Young Dragonkin, Orcs, Goblins, Dwarves, Tieflings and the like would be great to see pop up as part of future waves.

Wardlings Boy Ranger - WizKids

I have some favourites from this collection of course. The model above for the Boy Ranger is awesome and I love his Wolf companion although I do really like the Girl Druid and her rocky companion!

What do you think of the new wave?

"It would be fun to see if future Wardlings also look towards some alternative races as well..."

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