Ninja Division Hope Masterclass Range Change Fortunes

April 23, 2019 by brennon

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Ninja Division this week announced that they would be working on a new range of Masterclass Miniatures in hopes that it will recoup some of the money they need to fund their outlying projects.

Relic Knights Chibi Miniatures - Ninja Division

The range of special miniatures will be created based on their current intellectual properties, each with that stylish chibi look. The first set, pictured above will include Super Dungeon x Relic Knights models with Limited Edition Leopold Magnus and Bang-Bang next week.

Here's what they had to say in a current blog post...

"Already, a number of you have provided valuable insight and service towards accomplishing our reorganization goals, and we thank you tremendously! But, we also need to continue to raise the extra capital necessary to get things moving again, outside our ongoing work to secure investors. We also want to provide you with new and awesome products."

Whilst this seems like a good idea, and they are pledging to bring more and more options to the table later on down the line, it still feels like it's too late for Ninja Division. I'd really like them to get all of their products finally delivered to Kickstarter backers but it still seems like a far off dream right now.

They do look cool, but alas I think Ninja Division might still have fallen so far out of favour with consumers that they won't even help save them.

What do you reckon folks?

"The first set will include Super Dungeon x Relic Knights models..."

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