Norsgard Kickstarter Blasts Through Stretch Goals!

November 7, 2014 by brennon

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The Norsgard Kickstarter has been going from strength to strength and they are already funded! We've been following the progress on this game for a while now and it's got some great miniatures and an awesome background to it all!


Here's a little more about the game...

"Norsgard is a heroic scale (32mm) skirmish game. Two or more players take control of a small band of warriors, usually between 4 and 10. Norsgard's unique engine allows you to control all the aspects of the action. You control a warriors stances, spells, equipment, and special training. Victory requires planning, action, and sometimes luck.

Once you have mastered fighting a single battle Norsgard's campaign system comes into play. Create your band of warriors and lead them into battle. Survivors earn Experience and Levels allowing them to gain new skills and fighting prowess. Those that have fallen can recover, or return to battle scared mentally or physically. Earn coin to increase your armies numbers or unlock powerful magics."

...and you get really awesome warbands like these!

Scarlet Watch

Howling Horde

Above are two of their warbands, the Scarlet Watch of the Order of the Ram and the Howling Hordes that make up the Tribes of Mork. I think I'm coming down on the side of the Tribes just for their awesome Northern Barbarian look.

The campaign itself is looking to fund the rules and the production of the miniatures and since they've already passed their original goal the new focus is on making sure that stretch goals are met. Two have already been passed!

Mistress of the Hunt

Wulfkin Armsmaster

Both the Mistress of the Hunt and the deadly Wulfkin Armsmaster have been unlocked and you can get a closer look at what they look like below with a painted version of the Armsmaster too!

Mistress of the Hunt (Model)

Armsmaster (Painted)

Pretty awesome right!? You can head over right now and begin pledging and with twenty three days left to go on the campaign you can be rest assured that a lot more stuff is going to be getting unlocked I reckon!

Have you pledged already?

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