North Star Working On Official Rangers Of Shadow Deep Miniatures

April 9, 2019 by brennon

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North Star Military Figures has announced that they are going to be working with the creator of Rangers Of Shadow Deep and Bobby Jackson to create a small series of official miniatures for the game.

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Cover

The game has captured the imagination of many, offering up a chance to play solo and cooperative campaigns throughout engaging and narrative scenarios. It is the work of Joseph A. McCullough who has not only produced the Core Book but also two additional adventures, Blood Moon and Temple Of Madness.

North Star Military Figures

The range will focus in on the Rangers themselves, offering up a selection of cool heroes for you to choose from and of course the minions that they'll be facing out there in the darkness. Everything else for the game can be snagged from the existing plastic range offered by North Star for games like Frostgrave and rummaging through your own collection.

I can't wait to see the Rangers they make for this game. I love tinkering around with plastics but having the option to pick up some metal Rangers will be great!

Will you be snapping up this range?

"...working with the games creator and Bobby Jackson to create a small series of official miniatures"

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