North Star Preview Painted Demons For Frostgrave The Red King

November 16, 2020 by brennon

An early preview of what's coming from North Star Military Figures to support Osprey Games and The Red King expansion for Frostgrave popped up over the weekend. We got a look at some of their new 28mm plastic Demons for a start!

Demons - Frostgrave

Demons // Frostgrave

This is going to be another of their big plastic sets which offer up a myriad of options for those who want to join the ruinous powers on the tabletop. They would also be perfect good fodder for your Wizards and their gangs to battle against as they search the ruins of Frostgrave for treasure.

You'll get twenty Demons in the set which can be armed with a variety of different weapons. These plastic miniatures will also be joined by metal Demon characters plus new monsters for you to start a-wandering through the ruins.

Nullmen - Frostgrave

Nullmen // Frostgrave

Maybe you'll run into the Nullmen (shown above), a Foulhorn, Winged Demons or perhaps one of the dramatis personae that will feature in the new book. The Red King is going to throw some interesting new ideas into the mix including the chance for your Wizard bands to work together if they hope to stop the titular Red King from controlling the frozen city and it's treasures.

Are you tempted by the new plastic Demons and what this expansion introduces into Frostgrave?

"You'll get twenty Demons in the set which can be armed with a variety of different weapons..."

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