North Star Rouse War Of 1812 Minis For Muskets & Tomahawks

November 9, 2020 by brennon

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The War Of 1812 is the focus of a selection of miniature packs from North Star Military Figures for Muskets & Tomahawks. You'll be able to pick up some new characters and infantry to help play out the Historical battles between the United States and Great Britain.

British Regulars - Muskets & Tomahawks

British Regulars // Muskets & Tomahawks

There are an array of different options for you to pick up including British Regulars as you see above as well as plenty of options for the Americans too. On the American side of things, you've got the US Regulars...

US Regulars - Muskets & Tomahawks

US Regulars // Muskets & Tomahawks

...and also a selection of US Militia too.

US Militia - Muskets & Tomahawks

US Militia // Muskets & Tomahawks

The War Of 1812 is an interesting one from a cursory glance over it as I write this. For a lot of British Historians, it is apparently considered to be a minor element of the larger Napoleonic War although a lot of the US considers it a war in its own right.

The focus here was on a lot of battles between various allied forces in North America and the Native Americans were very much drawn into this conflict. To match this, you'll actually find Indian Warriors and their leaders as part of this release, many dressed in the red coats of the British!

It's worth doing some more reading around this HERE although if you're someone who knows their history maybe drop some thoughts on The War Of 1812 in the comments below.

What do you think?

"There are an array of different options for you to pick up..."

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